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 The Jettian Times

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PostSubject: The Jettian Times   The Jettian Times Icon_minitimeSun Jan 10, 2010 2:11 pm

Tough times have come for the guild, A satanic church in the Vatican was more active than the guild lately.
Talking with Eggie and analyzing solutions we have come up with a plan. "Operation Fuck it"
I know many say JET is dead because no one comes on, and think of leaving because there is no solution.
Whoever wants to leave you all know you are free to do it. For those who just complain let me open those eyes for you.

The change, and chance to get JET back only depends on us, we are the ones not online, no one has hacked us, no one
has threatened or defeated us, we just stopped showing up. If we want JET to come back, then lets do it, but everytime
we say we will be on more, that quote stays only in words.

As a phrase says "To start a revolution in a society we must start a revolution in ourselves" - Eloy Alfaro
Anyways,l back to the topic, I hope you all know that the guild is in your hands, because everyone is the guild
if we gotta revive it, lets revive it, we all have lives, we cant be on always, but im sure there´s free time in all of us.

As for Operation "Fuck it" well, we deleted and modified a few recruiting rules of JET, a have named 3 new recruiters, and
studying the possibility of naming one new leader also(Not confirmed there will be a new leader)

Rule Changes

- Remember the rule of JET having member limits? "Fuck it" We dont need to worry about numbers anymore.

- Remember the rule of JET being lvl 10+ to join? "Fuck it" Its better to find new players and help them forge a path of being nice, and fair play, and there´s awesome people out there that isnt lvl 10+ and cant join.The rule is now lvl 4+, (we dont like number 5 xD)

- Remember when recruiters needed to ask a leader to recruit? "Fuck it" recruiters are elected recruiters for their skills, I think they can choose who can join and who cant, however the interview is 100% required, as for the fair play too.

New recruiters

The new recruiters added have been
- "Breadroll"(Shrinks/Kiera)
- "Woooooo"
- "Harukia"

I hope you all understand where we are getting, JET will be back and become more than a legend, we are now seen as "That is an ancient guild that was like one of the best ever" Its time to change that to present! Spread the love peeps! Lets work hard for our beloved guild.

The Jettian Times Sigsig
I´ll kick your ass yo mismo for supporting el racismo ;D
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Jettian God

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PostSubject: Re: The Jettian Times   The Jettian Times Icon_minitimeSun Jan 10, 2010 11:59 pm

-punches fist in air-
Yay for operation fuck it!!!
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The Jettian Times
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