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 JET restructuring

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JET restructuring Empty
PostSubject: JET restructuring   JET restructuring Icon_minitimeTue May 12, 2009 6:27 pm

Ello Jettians!
New winds blow on Lennon Town! JET has started a process of re-structuring!
Due to the events that happened a new leader has been named and 2 new recruiters are ready to be named!
Currently a new leader has been named to help the current leaders out, and that is Eggiesamiri for her outstanding work and loyalty in the guild and quality.
For recruiter only one of the 2 new ones have been named and its Wizu, also a great person, hard worker, and constant in the guild for quite some time!

Also it must be announced that JET opens recruiting so open your stalking gear because we have people to find!
Thanks again and congratulations to Eggiesamiri and Wizu!

I love you all!


JET restructuring Sigsig
I´ll kick your ass yo mismo for supporting el racismo ;D
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JET restructuring
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