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PostSubject: FORUM RULES   Mon Nov 24, 2008 7:26 pm


1. This forum is for the JET members, we do not need any fights so all the rules of the guild are involved in the forums too.

2. No double posting, If you forgot to say something, just edit your post with the edit button feature.

3. Your posts MUST be related to the section you are posting in, if you wanna post something random, thats why we created the everloving "Whatever section"

4. Replying with just "XD" or "lol" will e counted as spam and the posts WILL BE DELETED, please, to reply you must actually "reply"

5. Use all the insults you want. Bad words dont exist, just bad momments to say em!

6. Please keep in mind the size of pictures uploaded and the signatures. Too big messes up the page we are in and also lags people.

7. The excess of emoticons and pictures will also have the post deleted or edited, that also produces lag in the users.

8. NO SPOILERS! If someone posts about an anime for example, dont reply saying "I DIDNT LIKE THE ENDING CUZ BLABLABLA HAPPENED" You mess the topic for everyone who hasnt seen it... -.-

Well I guess those are the forum rules for now ^^ Have fun, post alot, and keep up the Jettitude!
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