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PostSubject: CONDUCT RULES   CONDUCT RULES Icon_minitimeSun May 17, 2009 5:37 pm

This is the penalty system usually applied in JET.

Yellow Warning
This warning is applied in the player's rank for minor penalties such as fighting in guild chat or bad conduct around EO and so on. With this warning the player loses its custom rank for one week and cannot participate in Events.

Orange Warning
This warning is applied in the player's rank for middle penalties such as fighting in the guild after being assigned with Yellow Warning or bad conduct after the mentioned before. With this warning the player loses their custom rank for 3 weeks (after the three weeks there is one more week of Yellow Warning) giving a total month of no events and custom ranks.

Red Warning
The final warning applied to the player's rank for harsh penalties such as not obeying after the 2 warnings given for a problem or situations that can be instantly given a red warning such as suspicions of speeding and so on. In this case, the time of the rank can be as long as the leaders and recruiters want. However, when a red rank is given it calls for an immediate meeting of recruiters and leaders either on an EO location or in the secret section of the forums to discuss the time of the warning, or to see if the player must be kicked out of the guild or not.

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