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 Recruiting rules

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Recruiting rules Empty
PostSubject: Recruiting rules   Recruiting rules Icon_minitimeTue May 12, 2009 9:31 pm

This was originally copied from the JET thread on EO forums made by myself Very Happy

-Lvl 4+
-Absolutely no cheating, even flood hack means an instant kick of the guild.
-Clean profile, in other words, we dont recruit the typical idiots that say they have changed for good.
-Have Jettitude, dont waste your time asking on that, only us Jettians can tell if you got or not.
-Be approved by a leader or recruiter after an interview with them
-Have great intentions for the guild, and EO in general.

How we recruit
We do not shout in glb of gh, thats totally not our level, anyways, most of the time we even reject pms of people requesting to join, however if you pm nicely saying hi and not directly "lemme join JET" you may be noticed. We also most of the time check around to see if people are fit to be offered (in 90% of the cases we do that) Of course we are known for being awesome spies.

About the guild

-we do not pay people to join
-we do not give away stuff
-we are a united group, with desires to stay small in member quantity however cause big influence like we have before
-We are not braggers
-We are free of cheats and try to promote fair play, we normally guide new players into a good path, even tho most of the EO community is poisoned, at least doing something small helps.
-Most of the jettians are a little insane in a good way
-Anything else, well people have heard or know, or simply you can just find out about us.
-We are a pretty chill guild, we hang out alot together.

-you can visit our guild forums at and leave a message in the Guest Forum.
-You can pm Rettan, Kalisey, Eggiesamiri, Jellirox, Netsui, Xantri, Kalena, Harukia, Woooooo, Breadroll, or Wizu in game.
-You can pm me via EOforums.
-You can message me via myspace.

Thanks for your patience if you actually had it to read this.
-Ret of JET

Recruiting rules Sigsig
I´ll kick your ass yo mismo for supporting el racismo ;D
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Recruiting rules
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