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 Kidnap Among The High Seas

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PostSubject: Kidnap Among The High Seas   Kidnap Among The High Seas Icon_minitimeThu Apr 30, 2009 9:44 pm

OHMYLORDY. This is long. ;] Read it, please. : D And there will be a question for you when you finish.

Chapter 1; The Faris Mistake
“Take this to Captain Killan Fang,” Enli spoke, “He should be somewhere around the Lava Front.”
Enli tied a letter around the Faris’s leg, and put a small leather sack into its beak. The beautiful bird took flight in the direction of Killan Fang. After a minute or two, the sack was starting to get very heavy for this one bird. Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore. The Faris dropped the sack into the ocean. Deeper, deeper into the ocean the bag fell. The Faris started to panic, so the bird dived right into the ocean after the sack.
He dashed as fast as he could, keeping a good on the far away sack. Deeper the back went, faster the bird went. Just moments later, the Faris had a difficulty. He had to breathe but he knew he had to get the bag. The bird decided to go back up to the surface and just go to Killan Fang. He darted through the surface of the water, and moved onto his mission for Captain Enli Thunt.
After an hour or so the Faris arrived at Killan Fang’s ship. A crew member spotted him and yelled, “Captain! A Faris is here.”
The sound of giant foot steps were coming across the wooden deck towards the Faris. A tall man appeared, his fiery eyes staring down at the bird, who seemed a tad frightened.
“So, bird. What have you got for me today?” The tall man bellowed. It must be Killan Fang.
He retrieved the letter from the Faris’s leg, and read it to himself. As he was reading the letter he was showing mixed expressions.
“Well, bird. Where’s the sack you were supposed to bring me?” Killan Fang asked.
The bird bowed, which usually meant “Forgive me, sir.” Killan Fang stared long and hard. Finally he wrote a note for response and attached it to the Faris’s leg.
“Now, go back to Enli Thunt. He shouldn’t be far from where you last saw him,” Captain Killan Fang said.
The bird bowed once more, and noticed the fury in that man’s eyes. Then the Faris went up into the air and back towards Enli Thunt.
“Cap’n. I saw you what were a writin’. Sorry, sir,” a crew member interrupted, “But what are we going to do?”
“Oh, you’ll see, lad. You’ll see.”

Chapter 2; Another Fight
“Now, kiddies! I know you can do better than that! Show me some aggression. Scare your opponent out of their stockings!” Enla spoke with enthusiasm.
Its beautiful summer day, with a blue sky and not a cloud in sight. Great weather for a fighting class taught by Captain Enla Thunt. She looked around at her students, practicing their slash.
“Miss –“ a student started to say.
“Yes, Nate?”
“When are we gonna start some real fighting? I think I have some great skills!” He did a slash in the air, almost hitting another classmate.
“When everyone’s ready,” she tussled his hair and smiled, then walked right along.
They went through a couple more moves, including the good ol’ stab. All the students walked away, except for Nate, who was practicing quick jabs with his cutlass. Enla started to walk towards him to tell him to stop and do his tasks. But she heard a flapping of wings, Enla turned around saw a Faris. She walked toward and reached for the letter. The Faris pecked at her and then nodded its head.
“Enli!” she yelled.
“Yes, sister?” he responded as walking towards her.
“Look what’s here,” she moved out of the way so he could see the bird.
“I see, from Killan Fang?”
“I don’t know. The bird wouldn’t let me grab the letter.”
“That’s odd.”
“Maybe you should try to retrieve it.”
Enli walked slowly up to the Faris and grabbed the letter. He got a grasp on the string and pulled it lightly. The letter dropped to the deck. Enli picked it up and started to unroll it, but he was interrupted.
“Enla! Enli!” cried out a voice.
“Yes, Lyna?” they answered in unison.
“Maxus and Klint are fighting again!”
“Oh, good daughter of Nailsn.”
“When will those two settle their differences?” Enli barked. The letter got shoved into the pocked of his jeans and walked off towards the mess hall with Enla and Lyna following behind him.
They arrived in the mess hall. Tables were pushed aside for the crowd and the two men were fighting up the longest of all the tables. The massive crowd was shouting “Fight, fight! Fight!” so loud you’d thin they would be at a Quiltitan match.
“It’s the captains!” Someone whispered sharply.
The room suddenly got all quiet, everyone looking at Enli and Enla. Enli was furious; he was tired of Maxus and Klint basically fighting all the time. Just because they are from different parts of the world doesn’t mean they can start war with each other.
“C-captain Enli,” Klint finally spoke, “We didn’t mean to cause such ruckus.”
“Yes, yes. We are sorry,” Maxus blurted.
“Yes! But I am the most sorry!” Klint said, then reseived a punch from Maxus.
“Men, off the table,” Enli hissed, “Here, now.”
Maxis and Klint stumbled off the table and up to Enli. They stood in front of their captain, staring right into his eyes that were filled with rage.
“There shall be no fighting on this ship,” Enli spoke, “if you two fight again, I will send you back to where you came from.”
“Oh no, we’ll never fight again! Right, Maxus?” Klint elbowed Maxus in the chest.
“Right, Klint.” Then Maxus elbowed Klint in the chest.
“Okay, now. Go do your tasks.” Enli said.
“Yes, sir!” they chanted in unison.
Chapter 3; The Meeting
The room was filled with pirates from side to side. Enli and Enla were making their way to the long table for them to stand on.
“Quiet everyone. Quiet, please” Enla shouted.
The whole room went silence for a while, and then someone questioned, “Why are we here Captain?”
“Because there has been some fighting among crewmates,” she looked towards Maxus and Klint, “And there are some new arrivals to replace our lately departed members”
“For the new arrivals, I am Enli,” he made a gesture towards Enla, “And this is my sister Enla. We are your captains.
“And we have rules on this ship” Enla started.
“For one, you must treat your fellow crewmates like you would your own mother” Enli said.
“Shoes are an option,” she informed, “I know that sounds silly, but no shoes are much better. Your captains don’t even wear shoes.” They both lifted up a barefoot and wiggled their toes.
“We would like NO fighting,” he spoke loudly so the people in the back could hear him.
“Also, no injuring one another,” she announced, “That includes no stabbing, cutting, pushing one another down steps, or throwing someone overboard.
“But if you hurt yourself. There is nothing we can do”
“We will not keep you cooped up in your dorm for every hour of the day!” She yelled, “The world is your office, your cubicle. Whatever you want it to be, it’s your choice.”
“Now there are more rules. But you’ll learn them all in time,” Enli said, “Anyone have a question?”
A few raised their hands, all looking a tad eager except for one. Enla called on him.
“Yes, Hello,” they said.
“Name?” Enla asked.
“Ted Baunt”
“Well, Ted Baunt. What is your question?”
“How old are you two..? You look about 14, or so,” He stammered, “Because you seem to be a little young for a captain.”
“Oh, not this question again.”
“Well, we are 14. Would anyone else care to explain why we are captains at such a young age?” Enli asked.
“I can’t hear this again” Enla spoke, then walked into the kitchen.
“I will, captain,” someone offered.
“Okay, Samuel.”
“Well, 3 years ago a man ran this ship, named Jasper Thunt. He was Enli and Enla’s father. A great man, he was. He ran this ship as a horse ran a race, with great skill. Jasper Thunt got into a little fight between him and Captain Elijah Beck. Sadly, Jasper Thunt lost. He had died in battle, and left his ship to his children. Nature’s Servant.”
“What about their mother?” Ted Baunt asked.
“She had died, from influenza. A very horrible death, Enla took it hard when her mother died,” Samuel answered.
“You men done?” Enli asked.
“Yes, I believe we are,” Samuel said.
Enli went to go get Enla from the kitchen. When they came back, Enla had a tear coming from her eye.

Chapter 4; Capture
The next day, breakfast time was a mess. These pirates get so hungry, the food is usually gone fast. Enli and Enla are at their table, eating with some other crewmates.
“Uhm, may I sit with you?” Tessa Caeno asked.
“Yes, you may,” Enli replied.
Tessa’s face lit up, and she sat down. Her brown-red hair made her look like you wouldn’t want to mess with her, but her grey eyes made her innocent looking.
“How are you this morning?” She asked Enli in a low voice.
“Very good, I hear that we are almost to Small Tails.”
“Oh, that is good. Some people are very excited to go shopping.”
“Are you, Tessa?”
“No, not really. I’m just going to stay on the ship.”
“Really, Tessa?” Enla asked, “I really wanted to go shopping with you.”
“Maybe another time,” Tessa smiled.
A few hours later they ported at Small Tails. It was a pretty decent sized place, great for shopping. All the crafters sold their merchandise there. Many piled off the ship to go spend their money on treasures, a few stayed behind including Tessa.
Enla was searching the shelves of a shop, and saw many things that interested her. She picked up a beaded bracelet, a small wooden turtle, and many other things. She found a pair of balloon red shoes, they were very wonderful.
“Why do you have those?” A woman named Tanya asked, “You don’t even wear shoes.”
Enla looked down at her feet and wriggled her toes. She smiled, “they’re not for me. They’re for Tessa.”
“Yes, Tessa Caeno. She didn’t come along, so I wanted to get her something.”
So, Enla bought the shoes, and all the other little knickknacks she picked up.

Back at the ship, Tessa was out on the deck staring at the sea. She admired its beauty, but wished she could know more about it. A sigh escaped from her lips, then took her bracelet off to just look at it. Tessa reseived it from Enli when they were young, her parents were on the ship when both of Enli and Enla’s parents were alive. She’s only a year younger than they are.
The next thing she knew, her world was dark. Muffled voices were heard as she was being taken away, then her head hit the deck and she was out cold.

Chapter 5; The Note
Charlie Thome heard the thud of Tessa’s head hitting the deck. She ran out of her dorm and to the deck. Up on the deck, Charlie looked all around and saw no one. But a note was nailed to the door of Enli and Enla’s office. She read the note, and her eyes got wide.
She had to get to Enli and fast. Charlie ran around Small Tails, and then she finally found Enli in a small shop right in the middle of town. She ran into the shop, and Enli looked surprised that Charlie was there. Enla came up behind him and said “What’s wrong, Charlie?”
She was breathing hard, and her dusty blonde hair was sticking to her forehead due to sweat from running.
“Note. For. Enli.” She kept taking a breath after each word, “Here.” Charlie handed Enli the note.
He reads the note, his eyes start to get angrier and angrier. Then he took at the note that was from the Faris a day earlier. He read it aloud and it said;
To Enli Thunt,
It did not arrive.
You will lose something as have I,
I will come to get something,
That is dear to you.
-Killan Fang, Captain of Tamable Beast
“No, no. NO!” Enli shouted, “Killan Fang took TESSA!”
“What?! He did what now?” Enla said
“He took Tessa, we have to get her back!”
“Charlie, help us get everyone back on the ship.” Enla yelped.
“Yes, Enla!” Charlie said then ran off.
Everyone got back on the ship and Enli takes action to get back Tessa. Her parents were as devastated and angry as he was.
“Everyone, man your stations and let’s get this ship going!” he shouted.
Days have passed, and Enli and Tessa’s parents were getting impatient. Enli started to pace back and forth, wondering how they have not reached Killan Fang yet.
“Captain…” someone started to say.
“You shouldn’t interrupt him, Cass” Nate butted in.
“Why not?” Cass asked
“Rule 37; do not interrupt the captain when he/she is focusing on an important task”
“Oh, okay. I’ll remember that one”
It started to rain, rain hard. The rain didn’t stop anyone, they all kept going. The sound of the rain only made people keep going strong.
“Captain! I see something, a ship maybe?” someone cried out.
Enli ran to the head of the ship, his eyes squinted. Then he said, “That’s it. Tell them to let the sails down.”
“Sails down!” they shouted.
The sails went down, and the ship went faster. Eventually the caught up to Killan Fang, the two great ships were side by side. A bunch of pirates swung over by ropes to Killan Fang’s ship for a surprise attack. There was a serious of thuds hitting the deck.
“So, Enli Thunt. You’ve decided to join our party, have you?” Killan Fang moved to the side, and Tessa was tied up in a chair and cloth in her mouth that is tied around her head.
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PostSubject: Re: Kidnap Among The High Seas   Kidnap Among The High Seas Icon_minitimeThu Apr 30, 2009 9:44 pm

Chapter 6; Battle
War broke out between the pirates; the sound of swords clashing was all around. Some thuds and crashes were heard.
Enli walked up to Killan Fang and said, “Hand over Tessa and you won’t die today.”
“What if I kill her first?” Killan Fang said.
Enli lifted is sword and charged toward Killan Fang, ready to swing it right at him. But his sword collided with Killan Fang’s; there was something about the sounds of clinking medal that Killan Fang just loved. Their swords both are being pushed with great force being pushed towards one another’s.
Enli decided to bring his sword down to attempt to cut Killan Fang, he succeeded. He ended up also being wounded, worse than Killan Fang. Enli fell to the deck, still alive. While Killan Fang was distracted in his glory, Enla and someone else got Tessa untied.
“So, Enli, are you done here?” Killan Fang chuckled.
“No, not yet anyway,” Enli stood up leaning on his sword.
“What’re you going to do?”
“This,” Enli lifted his sword, and cut a slash right through Killan Fang’s chest. Killan Fang fell to the ground with a thud.
Enli picked up his sword, ready to kill Killan Fang, he brought down his sword but Enla stopped it with hers.
“What are you doing, Enla?” he asked
“Rule 17; Never kill an opponent no matter how much the deserve it,” she preached, “You came up with that one, brother.”
“Y-your right,” he stuttered, “Goodbye Captain Killan Fang.”
Enli walked away with Enla towards thee ships edge. He fainted due to a lot of blood loss, Enla got a larger crew member to carry take him over to the other side.

Chapter 7; The End
Enli had suffered great damage, and ended up in care for many weeks. He’s been in bed ever since the attack, its fall now. He has wanted to go outside, but he can’t. He has read a few books, and been brought food by Enla.
One afternoon Tessa came into his room, to say hello. She just stood by the door for a few moments, and then quietly said “Hello, Enli.”
“Hello, Tessa” he responded.
“Uh, how are you?”
“I’m good, stuck here though,” he smiled, “How ‘bout you?”
“Good, good,” she started to walk towards him, “Just that I, g --”
“What are you—“Enli started to say.
Tessa kissed Enli, and he kissed her back. She pulled back, and they both looked at each other and smiled. Tessa turned the other way and walked out the door.
“Tessa?” he called after her.

A week had passed; Enli had heard nothing from Tessa. This was the day that he’d be able to get out of bed. He stood up, and got dressed. Then out the door he went onto the deck. He heard the words “Hello Captain” a lot.
He found Enla, and asked her “Where’s Tessa?”
“Oh, she’s not here.”
“What do you mean she’s not here?” he demanded.
Enli was disappointed; he was really looking forward to seeing her, and to tell her how he really feels about her. His face formed a frown, and Enla got confused.
“Why are you so sad? And she wet to an academy.”
“An academy? Which one?”
“I don’t know, she wouldn’t tell anyone.”
“You still haven’t answered me.”
“Well, she was about to tell me something,” he looked to the floor, “but then she…”
“She what?”
“Kissed me.”
“You mean you knew?” he said shocked.
“Of course.”
Enli just sighed then walked off to look over the edge of the boat. To watch that same beautiful ocean, that Tessa used to watch.

QUESTION: Should I make a sequel?
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PostSubject: Re: Kidnap Among The High Seas   Kidnap Among The High Seas Icon_minitimeThu Apr 30, 2009 9:45 pm

ReQUESTION: Sequel or Elongate?
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PostSubject: Re: Kidnap Among The High Seas   Kidnap Among The High Seas Icon_minitimeFri May 01, 2009 2:58 am

SEQUEL! ;D I loved it! [:

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Kidnap Among The High Seas
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